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Volca Share is a digital patch sheet tool that makes storing and sharing your patches easier than ever.

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What's a Korg Volca Bass?

The Korg Volca Bass is a relatively simple but powerful fully analog synthesizer, released by Korg in 2013. Known as a "gadget-class" synthesizer, its affordability and built-in sequencer helped introduce synthesizers to a wider audience.

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Why share patches?

Although relatively simple, the number of parameters on the Volca Bass enable endless variations in timbre. VolcaShare offers a way to manage and share your patch settings, as opposed to hand writing patch sheets like back in the day.


VolcaShare is open source and free software, driven strictly by a passion for synthesizers, computing, and community. The contributors to this application are in no way associated with Korg or any related business entities.

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