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Bass Patches

by thevolcanaut on March 12, 2024
Here's my take on the 303 bassline from Nora En Pure - Emerald Skies (Extended Mix)
by thevolcanaut on January 23, 2024
Here's my patch of Da Funk by Daft Punk. For distortion I'm using a DOD Grunge FX69 with the following settings: Loud: 4, Butt: 6, Face: 9, Grunge: 4.
by deadsenshi on February 6, 2022
Sound similar to classic oldschool house track bass. 116 BPM
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Keys Patches

by uponAsleepingMemory on March 19, 2024
Soft, slightly detuned saw pad. Beautiful with a nice reverb.
by Wildseyed on March 17, 2024
Vangelis' CS80 Patch Blade Runner Opening Theme. I think this is pretty close. D#, F, C.
by MoeHighness on March 16, 2024
Play with "VCF Cutoff, Peak 127" and "EG Sustain" for a Space Sound
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What's a Korg Volca?

Korg Volcas are a relatively simple but powerful line of analog synthesizers, released by Korg in 2013. Known as "gadget-class" synthesizers, their affordability and built-in sequencer helped introduce synthesizers to a wider audience.

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Why share patches?

Although relatively simple, the number of parameters on the Volcas enable endless variations in timbre that you can't save and recall later. Instead of taking a photo of the synth or writing the values down on paper, VolcaShare allows you to save the settings of the Volca for organization and sharing, and even let's you automatically recall parameters via WebMIDI.


VolcaShare is open source and free software, driven strictly by a passion for synthesizers, computing, and community.

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