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by pietrowsky on February 1, 2021
Gritty sound for pads or for lead parts
by IeyasuBKLYN on December 11, 2020
random filtering sound to use with active steps against drums
by ThisIsNotMyJob on March 28, 2023
Acid Bass + High Flute VCF cutoff change to modulate Add external distortion + delay + reverb for finesse
by Logmann on November 24, 2022
A swelling and gritty whale wail
by thekanehall on October 23, 2022
Using the LFO to make some pulsing gritty bass pads. Also adjusting the VCF Cutoff for sequence performance or automation.
by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on October 5, 2022
Kinda orbish every growing brain sound
by SDK on May 22, 2022
Interesting sound i made based off the Dystopian Sound i found here
by SDK on May 22, 2022
Just a random bass sound (use feedbqck knob to make it fatter)
by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on May 22, 2022
Rave lead based off Gritty Casino
by nymphaliss on February 22, 2022
i like how this sounds i dont want to forget it
by hotlava69 on February 19, 2022
Manually turn the sustain knob up and down while playing to change the pitch.
by AnalogApocalypse80s on December 21, 2021
Tried my best to make a Polysix like Synthwave Bass. You may want to tweak the patch a little to get the right sound that you want. Sounds best with a delay set to 0.1ms, some chorus and saturation.
by Caplex on November 28, 2021
PLAY C ON THE FIRST OCTAVE OF 2’ TO GET THE ORIGINAL PITCH!!!! Tried to make it as close as possible. Still a newbie to sound design though, so you can figure it to your liking :)
by NiccoDubs on October 16, 2021
Gameboy-esque chiptune flute thing with vibrato. Adjust LFO rate and pitch intensity to taste.
by MartinBolton on September 11, 2021
Twisting the cutoff gives a nice Whaaaaa. Withbdeep initial undertones.
by MarvaVonTheo on August 30, 2021
+ Ableton Midi Automation on: - Detune - Portamento - Cutoff
by reyn on August 2, 2021
Basic muted lead for house type
by Step5en on April 23, 2021
Fast 16th note sequence: C#, C#, D, C#, C#, D, C#, C#, D, C#, C#, C#, C, C#, C#, C# repeat B, B, C, B, B, C, B, B, C, B, B, B, A#, B, B, B repeat
by thomcar on April 13, 2021
A shot at recreating the intro scene sound from the horror classic "The Shining"
by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on March 25, 2021
Bass made in a hot spring morning in Valencia, Spain
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